Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You are cute!

A working day called off because of no-internet and it gave me a chance to get my hands on card making..

I wanted it to be colorful, cute and full of hearts!!

Ended up with the idea I had in mind,

Pierced white card stock with Martha stewart - punch all over - heartbeat pattern. I tool 1" strips of colored papers, choose rainbow colors. 

Cut out the teddy from my old printout, sticked it on a card paper and used 3D glue dots to pop it up!

Added sweet blue bow - and glued the patch on green card base.

I have an awesome silicon mold from Martha Stewart - again! Used a black clay to put up the letters and glued it up on top of card and c'est tout!!

And to make things perfect I took 3 hrs! Need more practise 😜 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like the idea!

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Thanks and have a nice one ahead!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lets hangout

Finally a simplest card on pinterest hold my attention, eyes were stuck on it, had a smile and inspired me to take my craft kit out and replicate!

Like always, not matching it or beating original, but kinda satisfied..

Awesome color combination, nice clean copic marker magic!! Hats off to creator!

Lets now check my version.. 

Transparent colors has no way vibrant like copic markers, but until I upgrade my kit, thats what best I could make..

Wondering why that cloud came in picture? I made a mistake 😁 and cloud covered it 😜

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God bless!