Monday, January 27, 2014

Flower show 2014

Thank you for stopping by!

Flowers are my favorite object to click! Because I knew the rush at Flower show 2014 at River front Ahmedabad, I dint take risk of taking my baby - canon 550D - with me, but I am impressed with iPhone 5's performance :-)

I now regret, why I dint click the crazy croud's photograph, but anyway, lets walk through the show!

Memorable experience! Enjoyed every bit of it - walked 2-2.5 km - yes I enjoyed walking too!! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

18 hours day

Well today was a looooong day! Started at 6 AM and its 11:40 and still up! 00 hours is my target to rest my eyes..

The unreasonable task I did today was kept my promise to myself - not to skip gym - even if I was late because I went to  drop sis to bus station! 

Other than that I cooked a yummy - a little spicy - dish for dinner and was satisying..

The main thing which I was supposed to do - and dint do - affected my work today.. Either I make peace with it or simply get rid of it..

Anyway, the last hour of the day is all dedicated to Mr Nathan Fillion - who has stolen my heart. Love ya!

Nothing to miss out for the day and I must call it a day 🎉